I’m back!

Whew, it sure has been a long time! Looks like I stopped blogging right around when life got crazy (and I got nauseated… ha!). Here’s some of what’s happened since I last wrote:

  • We finally moved into our new house! We’ve been doing house projects galore (including building built-ins from scratch!). It’s been a slow process to get the house set up, but some parts are finally getting just how I want them. We love this house and are so thankful.
  • The day we moved into our new home (a few days after purchasing our first house!), Beach Dad found out his old company was tanking. (Smart man didn’t tell me until a few days later… I might have had an anxiety attack!)  He found a new job fairly easily – hooray Silicone Harbor! – and it’s his favorite job yet.
  • As we’ve gotten more and more plugged in in Charleston, we’ve experienced the blessings of friendships and a community we have longed & prayed for for years.
  • Our biggest news is that April 2014, Beach Boy was born! He’s an incredibly sweet baby and brings us all such joy.
  • “Beach Baby” is now 4 and not so much a baby anymore! “Beach Girl” is 6 and in kindergarten (mostly Montessori at home, but our own variation and I can’t wait to fill you in!) . They get new blog names now — “BeachGirl4” and “BeachGirl6”. I know – I’m so creative.


So much more daily life — growing, cleaning, cooking, laughing, crying, and learning together –has been happening. I’m excited to start blogging again; I’ve really missed it. I have so many posts and topics swirling around in my head and can’t wait to get them on a screen. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but you can expect to see more of me around here than you have, at least! See you again soon!


Interview with A 3 Year Old

birthday traditions

Beach Girl turned 3 a few weeks ago. It really is true what they say – “the days are long, but the years are short!” I love birthdays and my 3rd birthday is one of my earliest memories. I wanted to think of some fun birthday traditions to introduce now that she’s getting old enough to remember her celebrations and to truly enjoy them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do many of my ideas that weekend because I was sick, but we still had a fun morning at the children’s museum and then I laid on the couch the rest of the day while she made fun memories with her Daddy and sister.  They made cupcakes, played games, and served me hand and foot.

The best laid plans…

I did, however, get to follow through on one of my ideas for a new tradition – a birthday interview.  We were a couple weeks late, but her answers are priceless and I’m excited to see how they change over the years.  It’s so fun hearing her heart and her (often hilarious) perspective on the world. I started just making up random questions after I asked the typical “favorites” ones and the random, seemingly non-sensical questions were the ones that ended up with the most fun answers. I’ll definitely be asking these questions year after year and I imagine the answers will be equally awesome over time.

Here’s our questionnaire:

What’s your favorite animal? “Elephant.”
What’s your favorite color? “Purple.”
What do you want to be when you grow up? “A Painter.” (Here’s where I feel like a bad mom for not letting her paint as often as she’d like because I don’t like messes!)
What’s your favorite toy? “Playmobil stuff.”
What’s your favorite place to go? “Look at houses.” (This was pretty funny to me because we have been looking at a lot of houses – more on that soon – but she’s made it pretty clear that’s not how she wants to spend her time. Maybe she feels like that’s the only place we ever go?)
What’s your favorite thing to do at home? “Have birthdays with mommy.”
What’s your favorite thing to play with mommy? “Making pretend food.”
What’s your favorite thing to play with daddy? “Making real food.”
What’s your favorite thing to play with sissy? “Share my food in little tiny pieces.” (Can you tell we were eating lunch as I asked these questions?)
What’s your favorite drink? “Milk.”
What’s your favorite food? “Blueberries.”
What’s your favorite thing to wear? “My rain jacket when I know it’s raining.”

And here’s where things started getting interesting…

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard? “Geese.”
What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? “Children’s museum.”
Hmm… what else? What other questions can I ask? “What’s my favorite purse? Black purses. Oh, actually purple purses. I love purple purses. I like yellow purses for “Beach Baby” and red purses for Daddy and blue purses for Mommy and purple for me.” (I told you she’s into favorite colors)
What’s your favorite book? “The Bible study like we did today.” (The Bible study that, I must add, she and her sister both cried during for the first couple minutes. She did not act like it was her favorite while I was trying to do it.)
What’s your favorite way to do art? “Glue.”
What’s your favorite song to sing? “Rumor has it.”
What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked? “Trying to wear panties all the time.” (I think this is going to be the best question every year. I love that she realized how hard she’d been working to potty train!)
What’s your favorite word? “Doing somersaults.” (huh?)

Have you ever done an interview with your kids? Any other questions to add?