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finger foods for babies

Finger Foods for Babies — My top ten favorite finger foods for babies, along with some tips on how I like to prepare them.

meat fondue night

DIY Fondue Night — A copycat recipe of the Melting Pot’s court bouillon broth for cooking vegetables and meat. Also check out my cheese and chocolate fondue recipes.


How to Entertain A Toddler While Nursing A Baby

frugal gift ideas

Give Great Gifts on a Bare-Bones budget series — Because my budget doesn’t exactly align with my desire to shower the people I love with wonderful gifts.  The most popular posts in this series have been gifts for couples, gifts for a mom, and gifts for teenage/twenty-something guys.


Why Montessori at Home? — Some thoughts behind our plan to homeschool Montessori-style.

activity bags

Homemade Activity Bags — these “busy bags” can be great ways to entertain (and educate) children.

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