Meet Stay at Beach Mom


Hey there! I’m Stay at Beach Mom. Welcome to my blog.  I hope that while you’re here, you’ll find an authentic place filled with encouragement, practical tips, and fun inspiration that will enable you to spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.

How I Became Stay at Beach Mom:
A few years ago, my husband (Beach Dad) and I had a crazy idea to move away from all we’d ever known in search of adventure. We were tired of living the rat race and wanted him to work at a job he loved in a place we wanted to live. He was offered a job in Charleston, South Carolina and we gladly accepted. With his new job came my new job title – Stay at Beach Mom. (Read more about how I became Stay at Beach Mom here.)

I’m Stay at Home Beach Mom to 3 usually lovely, often loud, always adorable children — “Beach Girl (5)” (born September 2009); “Beach Girl (3)” (born August 2011); and Beach Boy (born April 2014).  It’s true what they say – it’s “the hardest job I’ll ever love.”

And here’s even more about me: 

  1. I’m a huge fan of palm trees and ice cream (mint chocolate chip is my favorite).
  2. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Especially the shower.
  3. I scrapbook in fits and starts and am trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of a needle pulling thread.
  4. My scrapbook paper is in rainbow-order.  I think it’s the only thing left in my house that’s organized the way I like it.
  5. Beach Dad and I met when he was the youth pastor at my family’s church.  I was his first volunteer, not one of his students!
  6. I studied piano for 10 years. You’d never know it. I also studied karate for 8 years. You might know it.
  7. I’ve traveled to 9 foreign countries, which is about 1/4 of the countries I’d like to visit one day.
  8. Gift giving is one of my love languages, but my budget doesn’t always support it. Check out some of my favorite frugal gifts from my “Give Great Gifts on a Barebones Series” here.
  9. We go to the beach any chance we get. It’s awesome.

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