I’m Back!

I’m back in action!

Thank you so much to my sweet friends/readers who’ve encouraged me to get back writing.  I’m sure I won’t be posting as regularly as I once was, but I’ve missed blogging and am glad to be back at it.

I have a bunch of blog post ideas swirling around and some fun ideas to share with you soon.  In the meantime, here are a few random things we’ve been up to:

We traveled to Raleigh-Durham, NC in April and got to meet our sweet nephew. Here are the cousins:

I found a $5 scooter at a yard sale. Sweet! (And then I spent $60 on helmets because I’m a total freak about safety… well, at least I saved money somewhere haha!)  The girls have been having a blast scooting.

It’s finally warm enough for the beach again. You know I’m thrilled.

We broke ground on our house a few weeks ago. Woohoo!!!

Hopefully, we’ll be moving in around August. I’ve been researching paint colors, furniture options, and DIY projects galore. I’m having so much fun! I realized I haven’t posted much about DIY projects on this blog, but you can bet that once we get moved, I’ll be posting plenty. Beach Dad and I both love DIY projects, but haven’t done many this past year.  I’m itching to get started.

First up: this dresser.

Solid wood and $25! (at the same yard sale as our scooter)  It needs lots of love, but it’s a much-needed replacement for Beach Girl’s dresser, which has pretty much fallen apart.

Speaking of Beach Girl, here’s a pic of me with my cuties on Mother’s Day:

Beach “Baby” isn’t so much a baby anymore… she’s a walking, talking, climbing, screaming, snuggling toddler.  “Beach Toddler” doesn’t have such a good ring to it, though. Any ideas for a new name??

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Stephanie H May 20, 2013 / 4:55 pm

    So glad you’re back!! Is “Sandy Squirmer” too baby sounding? 🙂


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