A Tale of Two Design Books

I recently read two home design books – one that I enjoyed much more than the other.

Creative Display:

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Creative Display, I may have been better off doing so.  If the display on the cover of this book is appealing to you, then you’ll probably enjoy this book more than I did.  As someone who tends to skimp on decor and “underbuy” (a term I got from Happier at Home!), the idea of setting up elaborate (and often extremely expensive) displays throughout my house seems excessive to me. Not to mention that none of these displays could survive 10 minutes in a house with a toddler!

This book doesn’t have many words – I read through it during one nap time – but it is filled with photographs of diverse displays from around the world (mostly Paris and LA). I did glean some ideas from the book and was inspired to start attempting to arrange more any creative and interesting displays around my home, but I was glad I got this book at the library instead of buying it. Although, it is a gorgeous book and I guess it’d make a great addition to one of those creative displays the book extols!

Design Rules:

Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator, on the other hand, is an interior design book that is right up my alley. I’ve read it over the past two months, slowly soaking in everything I could about interior design.  I am not naturally gifted in anything design-y, but it’s my recent obsession and I’m trying to learn all I can. This book gave me a helpful overview of general guidelines for design (like the more often you’re in a room, the more subtle the paint color should be and vice-versa) and more concrete design “rules” (like how big of an area rug you should buy and how high you should hang your curtains).  I found this book extremely helpful and will be referring back to it often.

I have a few other design books on my list, so stay tuned for those reviews soon. And, if you have any recommendations for design books, I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Design Books

  1. Gini February 21, 2013 / 1:15 pm

    This made me laugh so hard! We’re alike in many ways, but here we clearly diverge. (Can that be a verb?) I love the first book cover with all those interesting items, and haven’t ever given a hoot for rules, only what I like. My homes have been walking testaments to the rule breaking, and not in a good way. Lol! Most of my messy (eclectic) groupings have been either behind glass or up high, like on a mantle, so breakage would be minimized.


  2. sara February 23, 2013 / 2:01 pm

    haha! That’s so funny! I love rules …usually. 🙂 You have such a great inherent sense of what goes together and what doesn’t and of how to arrange a room well. Good point about putting things behind glass or up high – I’ll have to look for opportunities to do that when we move.


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