Quick Tip: Use a Messy Shirt

Did you know that vitamins stain? Well, more specifically, did you know that if your child is eating a vitamin and drools it all over her shirt to be funny, that vitamin stain isn’t going anywhere? (Even if it’s a chemically-food-dye-free vitamin!)

I was pretty bummed when I figured that out, especially because I thought this shirt was super cute before Frosty turned orange.

But, orange Frosty reminded me of one of my mom-tricks that has saved me loads of laundry (and prevented even more stained shirts) these past few messy-toddler-filled years:

Turn an old, stained shirt into a “messy shirt.”

We use messy shirts for art projects and while eating messy foods. When a bib won’t cut it (like when we ate pizza for dinner last night), I just throw a messy shirt on over the girls’ clothes before we start painting or eating. The shirts are great because they cover anywhere food might end up (notice the pizza sauce all over Beach Baby’s sleeves!). When they’re done making a mess, I throw the messy shirt in the laundry with their other (still clean) clothes and I don’t have to worry about removing stains because that’s what the shirt is for!

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