25 Valentine’s Day Ideas

preschool activities

One of the resolutions I adopted from Happier at Home is to celebrate minor holidays more.  Since major holidays often bring hustle, bustle, and big expectations, Gretchen Rubin points out, minor holidays are a great opportunity to have fun and to break free from mundane routines.  When most days blend together, celebrating minor holidays helps certain days stand out as special. Love it!

So, this year, for the first year ever, we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Call us Valentine’s Day scrooges, but Beach Dad and I have never celebrated cupid’s big day.  I’m not a fan of the holiday and so each year, we’ve intentionally not exchanged a gift and often have single friends over for dinner.  I’ll spare you from my anti-V-day rant. 🙂

This week, when I picked the girls up from preschool, their teachers informed me “class lists for Valentine’s Day are in the bag.” I held back groans as I remembered my promise to myself that I’d start celebrating Valentine’s Day – at least with the girls – this year.   I’m planning to do it really simple – with some pink/red paper plates, maybe some hearts dangling from the ceiling, and a special (but still simple) meal.

But what about those class valentines? I haven’t thought of those little white envelopes with hearts along the flaps in years.  Did anyone else carefully analyze the cards to make sure the right message went to the right person? I didn’t in 4th grade and was majorly made fun of, so after that I was nearly paranoid haha!  Thank goodness my girls have a few more years before their Valentines Days include any drama.

Anyway, this year, I’m putting aside my Vday grudge and acting like I think the holiday is fun! And, actually, Pinterest & fun bloggers’ ideas are getting me in the mood to celebrate!

Here’s some inspiration for delicious Valentine’s Day food: 

Rice Krispie Hearts {Valentine’s Day Treat} from My Blessed Life

Healthy Valentine’s Day Party Treats & Games from Kitchen Stewardship – The fruit pizza, raspberry cream cheese brownie sandwiches, and strawberry pudding (all healthy!) all look delicious.

Cream Filled Strawberries from Joy of Baking (via Pinterest)

Pretzel Kisses with M&Ms (The blog doesn’t exist anymore, but I got the idea from Pinterest)

Chocolate chocolate cookies from me

Best Chocolate cupcakes from me

Activity and Gift ideas: 

activities for preschoolers

Heart collage cards – We had fun making this heart collage and could easily make a bunch more to hand out as valentines. We used tissue paper, ribbon, construction paper, and bubble wrap to make a fun textured collage.

Creative & Fun Valentine to Give – Better than a Box of Chocolates from Life as Mom – I love this idea for older kids

Snowman Wrapped Chocolate Bars from The Educators’ Spin on It (via Pinterest)

Valentine’s Day Pre-K Activity Pack from Over the Big Moon (via Pinterest)

I [heart] you craft from Color Me Happy (via Pinterest)

DIY Valentines for Elementary Students from Type-A Parent – These are fun ideas for valentines kids can make themselves, mostly using things we already have on hand.

33 Super Cute Kids Valentines for School from Hands on As We Grow

Hole Punch Valentine’s Day Heart Card from Enchanted Learning

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Cards from Kiwi Crate (via Pinterest)

Easy Valentine Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers from My Delicious Ambiguity – I especially like the lacing hearts and pipe cleaner beaded hearts

Homemade playdoh – Could be a fun Valentine’s gift to hand out (from my blog)

Activity bags – I’m considering making a few simple bags for Beach Girl to hand out at preschool as a useful & fun gift (from my blog)

DIY Fondue night with meat fondue or cheese fondue (also from yours truly… I can’t believe I haven’t posted my yummy chocolate fondue recipe yet! I’ll try to remedy that next week.)

And here are some frugal gift ideas from my Give Great Gifts on a Bare-bones Budget series last December: 

Gift ideas for dads

Gift ideas for moms (and crafty ladies and chefs/foodies)

Gift ideas for couples

I have to admit I’m getting in the spirit!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day activities, foods, or card ideas to share? Any thoughts for/against Valentine’s Day?   Do tell!


I’m linking up to: Naptime Crafters, Consider the Lilies, & Five Days Five Ways.

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