I love to plan things. Well, some things. Parties, vacations, and birthdays are my favorite. But I’m usually lacking in my planning for daily life.  Sometimes I feel like so few of my plans turn out exactly the way I want them to that I just don’t plan.  If I don’t plan, it can’t get messed up, right?

Umm.. obviously, that’s not a good plan (get it?). I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my lack of intentionality is robbing me of some authentic rest and joy… and was planning to get on that at some point.

So, when a friend shared her New Year’s “Mantra” for 2013, I decided to steal it.  I’m super excited. Ready for it?

Live with Intention.

Isn’t that awesome? It encapsulates so much about the type of mom, wife, daughter, friend, and woman I want to be. Intentionally planning, pursuing, resting, and remembering.

Rather than the typical resolutions of lose weight, spend less money, clean out my house, etc., I love the idea of pursuing a change in mindset as I strive to Live with Intention.

As I picture how this plays out, I see myself striving to Live with Intention in a few ways that are all kind of wrapped up in each other. Maybe some of these ideas will spur you on in your own pursuit to Live with Intention in 2013:

Planning: I want to plan better so life doesn’t feel so urgent.

  • Meal planning – I want to use all the food we buy and not buy the food we don’t use. And, to know what we’re eating long before I start cooking it.
  • Daily life – This might involve a cleaning schedule… something I’ve been putting off for years!
  • Fun activities – I want to do a better job of doing special things with my kids and my husband. One of the main ways I see this playing out is in celebrating minor holidays (more on this soon!).

Pursuing: I want to pursue relationships.

  • People – I’m incredibly grateful that I get to spend all day with my girls, but sometimes, I take that time for granted. I want to do a better job pursuing them, especially as I seek to focus more on *being* with my girls rather than doing things. Actually, I’d like to focus more on *being* with people in general. I’m sure Beach Dad would appreciate it if I’d fully watch a movie with him, rather than half watch it while I work on something else too!
  • God – I want to spend more time intentionally praying and reading the Bible alone (most of my Bible-reading is out loud to my children).

Resting: I want to intentionally rest and to have my rest time be spent intentionally.

  • Sabbath – I’d love for my family to have Sundays look different than every other day of the week. I’d like for them to be a time to relax and spend time at church and with family and friends, rather than a day to get things done after church, which they turn into all too often. I think this might also go with meal planning, since I’d love to not have to cook on Sundays. Doesn’t that sound nice?
  • Relaxing – I have trouble sitting still, so have to force myself to stop getting things done and just rest, especially when we’re having an at-home date night. And, when I do “rest,” I often use time I could be resting for things that aren’t actually restful or productive.  For example, Facebook is not especially relaxing or productive. Scrapbooking is both. More scrapbooking, less Facebook!

Remembering: I want to live in the present and record my life better.

  • “Now is now” – This is the only season when I’ll just have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. I want to embrace it for all it’s worth. This ties in with planning fun and daily life better too.
  • Photos – Recently, I went through and deleted 23,000 photos from iPhoto. Insane, right? And, somehow, there are a lot more left to sort through. I want to keep that up and actually do something with my photos – scrapbook them, frame them, share them, etc. I’d also like to do a better job keeping a record of things I want to remember and that I’m grateful for.

A lot of these aren’t especially concrete goals. And, actually, I just re-read this and a lot of them could be summarized as: intentionally get things done and then intentionally don’t get things done.  Here’s to Living with Intention in 2013!

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