Lid Matching

toddler activitiesI have been sorting through photos from 2012 and came across these photos from October that reminded me I haven’t shared this fun and easy activity yet.  We pull this out every couple weeks and it’s one of those rare activities that both my girls can do and enjoy. It takes absolutely no planning or preparation and hardly any supervision, which makes it a great toddler/preschool activity for while you’re trying to get something done.

Simply set them up with an assortment of food storage containers and corresponding lids and let your children match them up.

preschool activities

Here are some other ways we play with food storage containers:

  • Vary the way the lids attach (like lids that latch, snap on, or screw on).
  • Build towers once the containers and lids are attached.
  • Nest similar containers to explore scale and talk about big-bigger-biggest.
  • Sort them according to size, shape, or color.

My girls have had a lot of fun with this and it lets me get dinner made while they are practicing their sorting skills and honing their fine motor skills. Win-win!

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