An Easy “Gingerbread” House

easy gingerbread house

Yesterday, I posted about our delicious unbaked cookies.  In other sugar-related news, we also decorated a gingerbread house this week.

Every Friday, we get together with our neighbors for an at-home preschool and this week, we decided a gingerbread house would be fun.

I’m not a fan of gingerbread and making a house out of it seemed like a lot of work, so we brainstormed about different alternatives. We considered using a cardboard box, but decided to try hot gluing graham crackers together.

My neighbor did the work to build the house itself, but she said it was actually really easy. And, it turned out surprisingly strong.  Our house ended up being tall and skinny, which is perfect, because it’s just like the houses in downtown Charleston!

graham cracker house

I made the icing (which was my buttercream frosting) and spread it all over the house. We stuck the house on a sheet of cardboard, added frosting lines for a sidewalk and a few dots of frosting for “landscaping” and let the kids have at it.

Check out this spread of sweets! We used all of our leftover Halloween candy, which gave us plenty of variety to decorate the gingerbread house. I also bought some candy corn & jelly beans from the bulk candy bins at the grocery store.

easy gingerbread house

There may have been a tremendous amount of sampling while decorating (and a tremendous sugar rush and crash to follow…).

easy gingerbread house

We had so much fun and I love how it turned out! If you’re looking for an easy Christmasy craft to do next week, I’d highly recommend this way of doing “gingerbread” houses.  I’m not gonna lie… I sorta wish we had more candy so we could make another one.

easy gingerbread house
I’m linking up to: Naptime Crafters & Five Days Five Ways.

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