John 11:35

I’ve been silent this week as I haven’t been sure what to say after last Friday’s tragedy. My heart is heavy and I’ve taken a break from the computer for the past few days. As my heart has ached for the families, children, and communities affected, the verse that has continuously come to mind for me is John 11:35.

john 11:35

After Jesus found out his friend Lazarus had died, the Bible tells us: “Jesus wept.” Jesus went on to raise Lazarus from the dead and make things right again, but before doing that, He looked at the awfulness and tragedy of his friend’s death and He simply wept.

He didn’t jump into what needed to change, He didn’t continue on pretending that nothing had happened, and He didn’t even say “Don’t worry; I’ll make it all right again in about 5 minutes.” He wept.

So, this week, as we all try to process and recover from such sadness, I pray that our nation will take time to just weep for the lives stolen and innocence lost. But, I pray that we’ll weep with the hope of knowing that Jesus will make all things right one day.

One thought on “John 11:35

  1. Gini December 19, 2012 / 1:16 pm

    Thank you for this respectful post. You are correct that it is time to mourn, not to search for solutions. That is for later. We can’t, as a nation, even begin to think straight about the future amidst such sadness. Your lovely photograph reminds us where we can best seek solace.


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