Give Great Gifts to A Crafty Lady

I’ll confess – I have a weakness for fun craft supplies. Sometimes, I almost think it’s more fun to collect craft supplies than it is to actually craft. It’s definitely easier to shop for craft supplies with kids than it is to actually craft with them! Giving crafty gifts to someone who likes crafting can be a bit tricky, because it can be easy for craft supplies to turn into clutter… and crafting usually isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. But craft gifts are such fun gifts to give (and receive), I thought this would be an especially fun installment in my “Give Great Gifts on A Bare-Bones Budget” series. And, yes, I have had a blast brainstorming fun crafty gift for crafter

Here are some (mostly) budget-friendly gift ideas for the craft-loving lady in your life (or to add to your own wish list!):

Scrapbook embellishments – This works especially well if your scrapbooking gift recipient has been on a big trip or had a major life event (birth of a baby, maybe?) recently. Themed paper, stickers, and other embellishments that match the event are a great gift. I’m normally too cheap frugal to buy many scrapbook-specific embellishments for myself, but they make scrapbooking even more fun and my pages with embellishments look way better than my usual ones do. My sister and mother-in-law have both given me fun embellishments for my scrapbooks over the years and I’ve loved them! If you shop at Joann’s, Michaels, or AC Moore, make sure to check their websites before you shop – they often have coupons you can use in-store to get an even better deal.

Photo Prints – The cost of printing photos to use when scrapbooking can really add up! Consider giving a gift certificate to a photo printing company or website that publishes digital scrapbooks. Even $20 would print a lot of photos and take some expense out of this (fairly pricey) hobby.

Sewing patterns or books – My sister has sewed using a bunch of patterns from Made by Rae and they’re all super cute with clear instructions to follow. For a unique and helpful gift for the seamstress on your list, consider gifting a pattern or two from Made by Rae or from an Etsy seller. If you’d rather give a book with patterns, sewing tips, and project ideas, I have enjoyed reading through my copies of Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children and Sew Hip (which includes a DVD). I’ve learned a lot reading these two books, but I’ve been too timid to try any of the projects just yet!

Classes – Speaking of my being too timid, if you know someone who likes to craft but would like to brush up on her skills a bit, a class (online or in-person) is a great gift! Here’s an idea for any dads out there: Giving your wives the time and money to take a crafting class of some sort without kids around will score you major brownie points. Beach Dad gave me this for my birthday and, while I haven’t actually done it yet, just knowing I’ll get to soon is a gift. As I’ve researched the various online classes, the best options I’ve found are all of the scrapbooking, photo-editing, and design classes from Jessica Sprague (everything on her site is gorgeous!); this home design course from Red Velvet; and Big Picture’s card-making class (or really any of their self-paced classes). I also found this helpful evaluation of online scrapbooking classes. As far as sewing classes, I’d rather do that in person than online, so I recommend you check out your local fabric store for their course offerings.

If you’ve ever taken an online course of some sort, I’d love to hear about it in the comments; I’m still deciding which one I’ll take!

Gift certificate – If you don’t feel comfortable signing someone else up for a class, consider giving a gift certificate to your local craft or fabric store. That way, your recipient has the flexibility to use the money toward a class or for supplies.

gift for crafter

Cake decorating kit – Beach Dad and Beach Girl got me this cake decorating kit for my first-ever Mother’s Day and I love it. The instruction booklet has helped me start learning how to decorate cakes and I use the supplies every birthday or holiday possible. I have so much fun with it and love decorating the cakes … and eating them. You could also throw in my recipes for the best ever chocolate cupcakes and icing or include a cake decorating class at your local craft store.

Watercolor Postcards – This set of blank postcards and water color paints from anthropologie looks like a lot of fun! It’s $20 and includes everything you need, or you could probably put together something similar for even less money if you had some time to spend on it.

Craft in A Box – If you’re feeling adventurous, browse Pinterest and find a craft you think your recipient might enjoy doing. Then, print out the tutorial (or give them the link) and provide them with all the supplies they’ll need to do it. For example, I made mod podged clipboards at MOPS recently and loved it! The project was fairly simple and the end-result was useful and fun. So, if you chose to give a “mod podged clipboard craft pack”, you could include this tutorial, a clipboard or two, some fun scrapbooking paper and stickers, a bottle of mod podge, and a sponge paintbrush. Package it all up and you have a great gift (and fun project for your gift recipient!) for under $10.

gift for crafterSilhouette or accessories – A few years ago, I bought the Silhouette craft-cutting machine and it’s helped me make all sorts of fun projects, including cupcake toppers for Beach Girl’s birthday parties. If you’re not familiar with the Silhouette, it works basically like a printer except instead of printing ink on the page, it cuts out the shapes that you’ve designed on the computer using their easy-to-use software. The Silhouette starter pack
costs about $270, but is one of those more expensive gifts that I think is really worth the money if you’re feeling extra generous! I have an older version and love it, but the new version – the Cameo – looks super awesome. It can even cut fabric! If your recipient already has a Silhouette, you can get her some accessories like the Silhouette sketch pens, Silhouette Pick Me Up Tool, or QuicKutz Adhesive Vinyl (each of these accessories is about $10). Beach Dad has gotten me all of those as gifts before and they make using the Silhouette even more fun!

Young House Love’s new bookYoung House Love is one of my favorite blogs. It’s filled with all sorts of great ideas for home decor and other DIY/crafty ideas, and they’re coming out with a book next month. I can’t wait! I think any crafty lady would love to read Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love.

Handmade gift – Crafty ladies always like receiving crafty gifts too. You could make her something like the mod podge clipboards or this cute upcycled jewelry hanger yourself or check out etsy or a local craft show for a handmade gift.

gift craft

Cookie decorating supplies – Last Valentine’s Day, my friend Toni and I made these gorgeous (and yummy!) cookies following Bake at 350‘s instructions. It was surprisingly easy and really, really fun. If you’ve never seen her website, check out this cookie index. Every single cookie she makes is gorgeous! But to make these beauties, you need a few unique ingredients and tools. As a super fun gift, you can provide your recipient with Bake at 350’s recipe for Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing as well as everything she’ll need to make them – meringue powder, AmeriColor soft gel paste food color, and Wilton decorating squeeze bottles (I’d get 2 sets of these bottles, so she can decorate with 4 colors at once). The whole gift will cost about $36 and will set her up to make lots and lots of beautiful cookies. This is one of those things I’d never buy myself ($36 is a pretty big upfront cost to me!), but would love to use if someone else gave it to me… the perfect type of gift! Also- I just saw that Bake at 350 came out with a book with all her cookie ideas – Decorating Cookies: 60+ Designs for Holidays, Celebrations & Everyday ($10.31). *Swoon*

Phew! Now, I feel inspired to go do something crafty… or at least to shop for some fun supplies!

[Note: I included prices for some of these items, but they’re subject to change. If you purchase through my amazon affiliate links, you’ll be helping to support Thanks!]

I hope these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for the crafty lady in your life… or maybe help you write your own wishlist. I know I’ll be having Beach Dad read this post too haha! Check out the other lists I’m making for “Give Great Gifts on a Barebones Budget” and subscribe to stay up to date!

Do you have any gift ideas for ladies who like to craft? I’d love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Give Great Gifts to A Crafty Lady

  1. femmefrugality October 19, 2012 / 11:11 pm

    I would so love it if someone gave me money towards prints! I’m always waiting for deals where you get 25 prints for free or something….and as a result I have a huge backlog of photos!


    • sara October 25, 2012 / 8:18 pm

      Same here! The cost really adds up quickly!


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