…Until I Became A Mom

I’ve always appreciated my mom and deeply admired the mom she is. (Well, maybe not always, but you know what I mean.)

encouragement for momsSince becoming a mom, though, I’ve discovered a few things I should thank her for that I never would have thought of until I became a mom myself. So, here it goes.

Mom, thank you…

…for all the meals you made me. Good golly, kids eat a lot. And dirty a lot of dishes. I’m sure I rarely said thank you. So, a few years late – “Thanks for dinner (and breakfast, and lunch, and snacks…). It was delicious!”

…for being up with me so much in the night. I don’t remember my night-feedings or the majority of my hundreds of night wakings that I’m sure no one but you even knows about, but I know now that they happened. I bet you were really, really tired and wishing you could be asleep, but thank you for holding me & talking to me. You made a difference.

…for not getting mad when I came home from school with dirty clothes. You were so gracious to instead tell me “I’m so glad you had fun today!” when I’m sure you also were contemplating how to get each stain out.

…for not letting me sign up for every activity I wanted to at once, for giving me space to get bored, and for indulging my ambitious ideas that came from boredom.

…for all the times you cleaned my pee off the floor. I don’t remember you ever doing it (hopefully you don’t anymore either!), but I’m sure you did it. Thanks.

…for not letting me watch MTV or read teen magazines at home. (I confess – I read them at school… but I wish I hadn’t!) You were right – they had nothing good to offer me. I’m so thankful you didn’t rush my childhood.

…for all the times you wanted to yell and didn’t. I don’t know when those were (since you didn’t yell!) but I know now there probably were a lot of them. Thanks for holding your tongue.

…for not buying me all those toys I wanted. I’ve recognized for a few years now that it’s not good to get every toy a kid wants or you’ll spoil them. But, since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that’s often actually harder on the mom than the kid. When Beach Girl sweetly and repeatedly asks me for a toy that does look really fun and wonderful, my heart breaks a little. I want to buy her 5 of them! So, thanks for not spoiling me and for teaching me the value of limits.

…for letting me say no and listening to my opinion. I’m sure it would have been easier to make a rule that “you don’t say ‘no’ to mommy”.  When I toured that school in 3rd grade and really didnt like it, you didn’t understand why. But you listened anyway and didn’t make me go there. Thank you. Knowing that you’d listen to me and that my “no” meant something to you – even when I was 8 – gave me confidence to stick up for myself often many years later.

…for not letting me know how hard it is to be a mom. I know you struggled and I can look back now and see why you did some things you did – like ocassionally go fun places without me (gasp!) – but I never once felt like your exhaustion was my fault. I never felt guilty for being a kid.

And probably the biggest one of all:

Thanks, mom, for letting me grow up. Thanks for all the mistakes you let me make (and for all the times you let me talk to you about how I could fix them). Thanks for never once making me feel guilty for getting older, for going to college, or for getting married. I’m starting to understand how emotional and difficult for you all that growing up I did was. So, thank you.

Thank you for letting me do what you were raising me to do.

I understand now how being a mom is often thankless. Day in and day out, I’m sure you felt like you weren’t making a difference. But, many years later, the more and more I’m a mom, the more I want to say – “Thank you. A million times and for a million little moments. Thank you.”

What do you want to thank your mom for? Has becoming a mom made you think of things you’d never thought to thank your own mom for?

3 thoughts on “…Until I Became A Mom

  1. Lynda @ Rhody Reader September 29, 2012 / 8:20 pm

    Perfect! I *think* I’ve always appreciated my mom, and I’ve always loved her of course, but it took being a mom myself to really understand HER love. I admire my sister who doesn’t have her own children, yet somehow is wise enough to fully appreciate our mom.


    • beachmom October 2, 2012 / 8:16 pm

      Yes! There were so many things I just didn’t understand until I was in her shoes! That’s great that your sister is wise enough to appreciate her… Wish I could have said the same for myself before I had kids :).


  2. Hannah B October 18, 2012 / 12:25 pm

    So sweet!


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