Our Favorite Musical Instruments for Kids

For Beach Girl’s first Christmas nearly 3 years ago, Beach Dad and I were excited to give her her first musical instrument.  We bought a Little TIkes xylophone, opened the package, and Beach Dad started to sound out a tune.  It sounded awful! The notes were completely out of tune and we were sorely disappointed. After that, we tried out other kids’ musical instruments including another (supposedly better) xylophone and the Parents’ Bee Bop band set and each time, we felt like we were hurting our kids’ musical education more than helping it.

Finally, we found a few musical instruments that we absolutely love. Each of these has been a great value for the price and has stood up to many jam sessions with a baby and preschooler. My favorite thing about them is that they actually sound pleasant… even when they are played by “beginners”. Of course, we do love our kitchen percussion, but if you’re looking to expand your musical instrument collection, here are our favorites:

Woodstock Percussion Mini Chimalong:

musical instruments list

Hohner Kids Rainmaker:

Meinl Plastic Egg Shaker (4 pc Assortment):

Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band (apparently this one is especially well-loved… I can only find 2 pieces of the 4 right now!):

musical instruments list

Trophy 4 Bell Wristlet:

Sonor – Glockenspiel (Xylophone) with Songbookmusical instruments list

Just so you know, if you buy any of these musical instruments from these links, you’ll be helping to support stayatbeachmom.com.  As always, I only vouch for products I truly love.

4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Musical Instruments for Kids

  1. Beryl Marshall - September 20, 2013 / 3:42 pm

    Thanks for helping me spell xylophone. signed: ( forgetful grandmother)


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