Adventures in Haircutting

Haircuts for Men
When I was in high school, my friend Braeden and I were hanging out one night and decided that I should cut her hair. I had never cut hair before, but I was sure I could do it and she was kind enough to believe in me and to say she didn’t care if I messed it up.

I told her “my mom cuts my brother’s hair with this razor thing and she just runs it over his hair and it cuts to the exact length she wants it to be! Let’s try that!”

So, I went and got “the razor thing” (which wasn’t even hair clippers, by the way. It was a mustache trimmer!) and turned it on. I said, “Okay, wait, first let me try it on my hair, so if I mess it up, it’s on myself.” At the time, my hair went almost all the way down my back. I grabbed a piece of hair from near my neck and held it up to the razor. Suddenly, that piece of hair went to just above my chin.

Oops! It doesn’t trim exactly where you want it. It trims exactly where you put it! (hello, ditziest moment of my life!)

Side note: That piece of hair was not actually from near my neck. It was from near my face, but my hair was wet, so I couldn’t tell. And for the next 2 months, I had an awkward, super short piece of hair flying off the side of my face every time I wore a ponytail.

Somehow, Braeden still decided to let me cut her hair, seriously assuring me she didn’t care at all. (Braeden was pretty awesome. She also pierced her own belly button. Without numbing it. She apparently didn’t care about quality or hygiene; she just wanted what she wanted when she wanted it.)

Anyway, I cut her hair and did a pretty good job (at least better than you would have expected, given my rough start!). She said she got a lot of compliments and her sister supposedly wanted me to cut her hair too.

I’ve been asking Beach Dad to let me cut his hair since we got married. “Really! I can do it! I learned how the razor works on my own hair! You’re totally good. Nothing to worry about. And, we can save money!”

But, for some reason, he hasn’t let me. Something about work and how he can’t go to it with a crazy haircut.

As if I would give him a crazy haircut…

A couple months ago, though, I somehow convinced him. I said “It’s not like you’ve never had a bad haircut before. And you paid for those! You give strangers the chance to mess up your hair and pay for it. Why not give your wife the chance to mess up your hair and I’ll do it free!”

I figured it’d take me no more than 3 times of totally messing it up to figure it out to where I could do it well enough. And, I promised him he could get it fixed professionally if it didn’t go well. My math on that was if you figure $16 for a haircut, times 3 haircuts to be fixed (that he would’ve gotten anyway, might I add), plus $25 for the clippers… $73 gamble for me to figure out how to cut hair and then a lifetime of savings.

We bought the clippers (this Wahl Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit), I watched some YouTube videos, and we did it!

Here’s a before and after (he hadn’t gotten a haircut in 2 months!):AdventuresInHaircutting

I think it looks pretty darn good, if I say so myself. I’ve now successfully cut his hair twice and we’re fairly confident I can continue doing it from here on out. If we assume he gets his haircut for $16 every 6 weeks, over the next 10 years alone, we’ll save $1,387. And that’s only 10 years and not including any future sons we may have.

So, if you too would like to save some big bucks, you can check out the two YouTube videos I watched. I used the clippers to cut the back and sides of his hair according to this video and then cut the top of his hair with scissors as described in this video.

And, just remember: the clippers work best if you actually put them where you want the hair to be cut rather than just assuming they can read your mind.

Have you ever tried cutting hair at home? Any good stories? How about piercing your own belly button?

Just so you know, if you buy the clippers through the link above, you’ll be helping to support  As always, I only vouch for products I really love.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Haircutting

  1. femmefrugality August 31, 2012 / 6:02 pm

    I’ve done at home before! Guys are a lot easier….mine only turned out fabulous about half of the time.


    • beachmom September 2, 2012 / 2:46 pm

      That’s what I’ve heard! I’m impressed it turned out fabulous half the time. I’ve still been too timid to try that… maybe someday!


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