Kitchen Percussion

Kitchen Percussion - fun baby games with things from the kitchenLast weekend, Beach Dad took Beach Girl to a baseball game, while Beach Baby and I had some special mommy-daughter time at home.  We played some of the baby games that we don’t normally play.  We had a blast and I realized that she has hardly had any time to explore freely without her big sister around to “share” toys with. She surprised me by showing off some hidden skills, like putting things away in bins and practically throwing a ball!

One of Beach Baby’s favorite activities was kitchen percussion.  I got out a pot, cookie sheet, plastic tupperware container, and a few large spoons – one wooden, one rubber, and one metal.  We experimented with hitting the different spoons on each of the different materials and made all sorts of fun, loud noises!

We also experimented with dropping different items on the cookie sheet, from a stuffed animal to wooden blocks, and I started to introduce her to the ideas of “loud” and “quiet”.

Most of the time, though, we just made a loud ruckus and enjoyed playing together!

I hadn’t considered how many of our activities are driven by Beach Girl’s developmental stage and was glad for time to play one-on-one with Beach Baby.  Beach Dad and I want to be more intentional about splitting the girls up so they can each have one-on-one time with each of us more often.

Do you have any favorite baby games?

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