In The Posture of A Child

Recently, our church had a guest pastor give the benediction who told the congregation that at his church, they always end the service in the posture of a child. I had flashes in my head of my children’s various postures – crawling on the floor, turning away from me stubbornly, jumping up and down repeatedly… I wondered, “which posture could he be referring to?”  The congregation raised their hands above their heads – a radical move for Presbyterians! – as he performed the benediction.

I didn’t think much about it again until a couple nights ago when Beach Baby woke up in the middle of the night. I stumbled out of my bed and into her room.  When I walked in, she was kneeled in the corner of her crib, arms extended up and reaching for me to hold her. Suddenly, I remembered the pastor’s reference to us approaching the Lord in a similar way and nearly wept. I know that God loves me with a perfect love, one that is never annoyed at being woken up in the middle of the night like I often am.  Combined with his perfect love, He is actually able to perfectly meet my needs, something that I only sometimes can do for my own children. But, I can’t believe how rarely I approach my God that way.  I’m so rarely humble enough to kneel down and reach my arms toward Him.

I picked up Beach Baby and, as she wrapped her sweet little arms around my neck and snuggled her head onto my shoulder, I sat down to rock her.  I started to think about how I normally approach the Lord more like a toddler who is in a particularly defiant mood.  Beach Girl’s favorite thing to tell me these days is “Actually, I can do it by my own self. Thank you, though.”  So often, I turn my back toward God, insisting that I too can “do it my own self”, pretending that I know better than my Creator does. But, even still, I’m so humbled to remember that the Lord loves to see me reach up to Him.  Even when I’m being stubborn as could be, He delights to hear me say “Help please” and to see me knelt down, reaching up to my perfect Parent, looking to Him for my comfort and peace.

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