How To Answer the Question, “Can I Get Your Number?”

Although I’m dreading the day that my daughters start handing out their phone numbers to boys, I realized a few months ago that, at this age, being able to give out our number when asked is actually pretty important.

One sleepless night, I realized that if Beach Girl (who often bolts at any chance she can get while we’re out) ever got lost, she wouldn’t know how to get back to us. I decided that I should start to teach her essential information, just in case we ever got separated.  We started with practicing “what is your mommy’s name?”, “what is your daddy’s name?”, and “what is your last name?” Now that she has those down, we have started to practice our phone number and address.  I was surprised at how easily she is picking them up.  The first time I asked her my phone number, she recited half of my old phone number and half of the phone number I just got when we moved two months ago.  I couldn’t believe her ability to memorize numbers, just by hearing me recite them when I leave phone messages or am at a doctor’s office.

Beach Girl actually invented a fun way to practice reciting this important information as we played doctor a few days ago.  She was “checking me in” at the office and started to ask me questions like “What is your name?”, “Which doctor are you here to see?”, “What is your phone number?”, and so on.  She repeated each answer after me as she typed on her pretend keyboard. It has turned into such a fun way to practice daily and I feel relieved to know that I’m helping her learn information that could bring her back to me if she got lost one day!

Once they’re old enough to be asked this question by cute boys, I think I’ll teach them their number is 867-5309. That’ll work, right?


2 thoughts on “How To Answer the Question, “Can I Get Your Number?”

  1. Lynda @ Rhody Reader October 5, 2012 / 9:33 pm

    I’m laughing about the “867-5309” reference because that’s how I taught my niece her phone number…using her digits to that tune, of course. As we played I just sang, “Alli, I’ve got your number…” and soon she sang along. Side note: she’s now 14 and still has a trace of song when giving her number…

    I also like your doctor idea, though!


    • sara October 7, 2012 / 8:41 pm

      That’s such a fun idea! And, so funny that she still says her number with a bit of song. I actually knew a girl in HS who would tell guys her number was “eight-six-seven-five-three-zero-nine” and she swore that they never caught on because she said “zero” instead of “oh”.


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