Tips for Buying Infant Pajamas

Tips for Buying Pajamas that Last
A couple nights ago, Beach Baby woke up at 3:45 in the morning because her diaper had leaked.  My poor husband changed her diaper and then fumbled in the dark (as she screamed and tried to crawl away) to change her pajamas… only to find that she had outgrown them, so he had to get her dressed yet again.  I realized it’s probably time I clean out the girls’ pajama bins so that only the clothes that fit them are in there.

While rotating out their pajamas, I realized that some fit much longer than others, and that I have certain favorites among all their pajamas. Here are my thoughts on what makes a good set of pajamas:

Zippers: When babies are around 6-9 months old, they start to roll over and try to escape diaper changes. Whenever I quickly zip up Beach Baby’s pajamas, I’m thankful to not be snapping 8 different snaps while she tries to escape.

Zippers are also easier for toddlers learning how to dress themselves. Beach Girl has just started figuring out snaps, but has been zipping for months.

No buttons. While they’re often super cute, I tend to avoid buttons, because they’re more difficult to fasten on a squirmy baby and the skill of buttoning is among the hardest for a toddler learning to dress herself.

Footless pajamas. This prolongs the amount of time the pajamas can be worn. Both my girls have consistently outgrown the length of their footed pajamas long before the width of them, and Beach Girl has one set of footless pajamas (pictured above, made by absorba) that has fit her for the last 15 months with room to grow…although, they are pretty comfortably capris at this point!

Another advantage to the footless pajamas is that if they start trying to remove their diapers while alone, I can more easily turn their pajamas around. Have you heard this trick? If you put their pajamas on backward, they can’t access their diapers to paint with poop! (Fortunately, I haven’t experienced this particular joy of parenting yet!)  If their pajamas already don’t have feet, I can turn the pajamas around without having to cut off the footies.

Cotton: I much, much prefer cotton to polyester.  I like the feel better, cotton gives more flexibility for seasons, and I like dressing my baby in a natural fabric like cotton.  Since babies don’t match their growing to store sizes (which don’t even match each other!), it’s hard to predict what size will fit which season. Many pajamas have fit my babies for up to 6 months, so it’s nice to have the flexibility that cotton offers.  I’d rather bundle them up with a cotton or fleece swaddler or sleep sack during winter than have a bunch of pajamas that fit but are too warm for summer.

Organic: if I were going to buy only some organic clothes, I’d buy organic cotton pajamas because they spend more time in them than in regular clothes and wear them more often. Organic pajamas offer more bang for my buck.

I haven’t decided yet if I prefer one piece sleepers or two piece pajama sets. Sleepers cover their stomachs, which is especially useful before they’re old enough for blankets. On the other hand, a separate shirt and pants makes diaper changes faster and eases middle of the night potty runs.

Lastly, not all pajamas are sized consistently, even if they’re made by the same company. While cleaning out Beach baby’s pajamas, I noticed that she had a Carter’s 3 month sized sleeper that was at least an inch or two longer than a Carter’s 6 month sized sleeper.

Do you have any tips for buying pajamas? Ever had to clean up painted poop? Any chance I’ll be so lucky to avoid that forever? 

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